Minister's Financial Health Grant Application

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The Minister's Financial Health Grant is a matching grant of $2500 that was established to provide direct aid to pastors and ministers and increase fiscal leadership skills to equip pastors for long-lasting and financially healthy vocations in ministry. The grant funds are for the pastor/minister's personal finances. Grant requests for church finances, building, or ministry expenses will be denied. To be eligible, the pastor/minister must have served for at least one year in their current church and must be serving in a church affiliated with Texas Baptists. 
Applicant Information

Church Information

If you were not able to find your church please contact Tammy Tervooren at

Family and Household Information

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Pastor/Minister Church Compensation

Pastor/Minister Other/Additional Employment

Spouse Information

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Other Annual Household Income
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Total Income

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Total Household Debt
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Total Household Savings
Monthly Household Expenses
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Essay Questions

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I understand the grant requirements and agree to:

  • Meet with an assigned financial counselor at least (3) times
  • Attend a financial seminar with a lay leader from my church (not someone of kin, spouse, or staff member)
  • Complete a Final Report upon program completion
  • Raise the required matching grant funds (with my church or individually) within 1 year. For pastors in qualifying churches and if funds are available, Texas Baptists may help raise the matching funds.

I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in a revocation of my award.  

I understand that in some cases, Texas Baptists may need to seek additional information regarding my application.  If that is the case, Texas Baptists will notify me in advance.